With everything going on in the world, I needed a project that would bring back my sewjo. And I found it with #100Days100Blocks from Angie at Gnome Angel. We just started last week, so there’s never been a perfect time to join along!

#100Days100Blocks logo

Since I’m working at home full time, I decided that I’m going to start each day in the studio making that day’s block. It’s been just a delightful way to start the day! I’m sure to get in my 10 minutes of daily sewing, and I head to my home office feeling creative and ready to tackle the day’s work.

Since I’m a perfect 7 for 7 on sewing a block each day, I thought I’d do a round up post of my blocks so far. I’m pretty excited about them!

Block 1

Something nice and simple to get us started…

block 1

Block 2

I just love the Duckling and Flame together!

block 2

Block 3

I wish the sun didn’t darken the Hibiscus so much. It’s a great purple color that goes amazing with the other fabrics!

block 3

Block 4

All three colors together are stunning!

block 4

Block 5

Slow and steady for another easy block…

block 5

Block 6

This just gets me more and more excited for where this project is going!

block 6

Block 7

The most complicated block, and it still only took about 20 minutes to finish.

block 7

The Fabric Pull

I’m using Kona Duckling, Flame, and Hibiscus with a White background. It’s earthy in that it reminds me of a bright, vibrant sunrise on a summer day. Every time I finish another block, I get more and more excited about what this quilt will look like.

fabric for 100 blocks quilt

So are you ready to join along on #100Days100Blocks? I’ve been following the #100Days100Blocks2020 hashtag on Instagram, and there are some really amazing people quilting along. Hopefully I’ll see you around!