Not only have we started a new year, we’ve started a new decade! Oh, the possibilities of everything to come. In past years, I shared my resolutions for the coming year. Last year, my resolution was to add more WIPs to my project pile. I was definitely successful with that one. I have so many projects going right now, and I love it! I’ve enjoyed being able to bounce from project to project based on whatever I was feeling at the time.

And while that was great, it wasn’t a very specific goal. It also didn’t do a lot to challenge me as an artist. So this year I’m getting more focused on my resolutions this year. Here we go!

Goal 1: Work More in Prints

A couple years ago, I hopped on the Kona solids train. I’ve ridden it so long the conductor has asked me to either leave or buy another ticket. So I’m going to do both! I’ll still work in solids some, but I really want to improve my use of texture and expand my fabric choice horizons. I also want to see how fussy cutting can change my quilts’ dynamics.

Goal 2: Make 5 Mini Quilts

I have a wall in my studio where I hang mini quilts, and it’s only about a third full. So I’ll be joining Alyce Blythe from Blossom Heart Quilts in her Mini Masterpieces quilt along. She’ll be leading you through a mini quilt each month, but I knew 12 would be too ambitious when I think about my other goals. So five seemed like a nice round number to try for.

wall with several mini quilts hanging

Goal 3: Complete 5 Scrap Bins

A few years ago, I started making colorized bins for my scraps. I’ve completed four. And have many more to go. More than five, but it also seemed like a round enough number to reach for.

Goal 4: Do Something Fabulous for Color(s) of the Year

Between Classic Blue from Pantone and Enchanted from Robert Kaufman, I am so ready for the color challenges that grace our world! Last year I wrote a pattern on the fly and submitted a quilt for Living Coral. Anemone was a design stretch for me, and I really enjoyed the whole process of making it. I can’t wait to figure out how to have the same experience for the 2020 colors.

anemone quilt

Goal 5: Sew Every Day

I want to commit to sewing for at least 10 minutes every day. Sometimes 10 minutes is all you need to either shake off a bad day or to get motivated to stay longer to really make some progress. I plan on posting the results of my 10 minutes (or more) on Instagram, so follow me over there to see how I do with this goal

Goal 6: Find a New Studio Assistant

This is a sad one. My best friend and studio assistant/supervisor, Mitchell, left this world on November 18. He was the best, but just got too sick to carry on. Sewing these past several weeks without him has been challenging to say the least. I’m being patient with my grief and in finding a new friend, but I definitely need some kitty love in my life. I’ll leave it at that and just share with you the first and last pictures I took of him.

Here’s Mitchell at four months old the day I brought him home. He was so tiny!

This is the last picture I took of him before he passed. He was the best boy.

And as a bonus, the last time he came to the studio to supervise. I had to carry him down and make up a bed for him to get him to stay with me.

So this year’s motto is “goals, not resolutions,” and I think I have a nice list of goals that will help me grow and that I can actually achieve. I’d love to hear and see what you’re working on in 2020! What resolutions did you make for your quilt life? Let me know in the comments.

Quilt on, Joni