I’m so excited to show you my Anemone quilt. This is my submission for the 2019 Living Coral Pantone Challenge! I’m going to keep my commentary on this one quick because I want Anemone to do the talking.

anemone quilt

Anemone Quilt Stats

The Anemone quilt is 48 X 48 inches and is pieced with Kona Coral and White. I originally planned to bind it in black to create a picture frame look. But this Kona Lagoon really pops with the Coral. I’m really in love with the contrast!

The design is original. I’ve been in a real design rut lately, so I used this opportunity to really work outside my comfort zone. I literally have stacks of rainbow quilts. They’re in the finished pile and make up a good chunk of my WIP list. Purposefully working with only two colors really made me think about negative space. I’ve also noticed my quilting trending back toward traditional and wanted the pattern to show a more modern look.

I designed it in four sections, one at a time. Once each section was done, I played around in my sketch book to see what felt good for the next section. It was slow piecing Anemone pieced because of this process, but I’m so happy with the results!

All the Pretty Pictures

I’m going to really try to let the pictures do the talking, but I definitely have some thoughts and feelings about a few of them. Here we go!

back of the anemone quilt

How about this amazing Kaffe Fassett fabric I found at my local quilt shop?!

quilting detail on back of anemone quilt

I love how the wave quilting looks like actual waves in the sea on the back!

anemone quilt

anemone quilt

anemone quilt label

I created these custom labels in Photoshop and then had them printed with Spoonflower. They’re pieced into the back before basting and quilting for a couple reasons. One, if the quilt is ever lost or stolen, it’s going to be extremely difficult for anyone to remove the label without destroying the quilt. Two, by the time I get done with the binding, I’m so ready to move on to the next project. There is a whole stack of quilts in my studio with no labels because of this, and I’m going to have to go back at some point to label them.

anemone quilting detail

I decided free motion waves were a perfect choice for this project. I also love how quilts “scrunch” up after you wash them. So cozy!!

anemone quilt

How’s this for a finale?! I’m so happy with how this project turned out and can’t wait to see what everyone else decided to do for this challenge.