I might have had a rough start to the year, but I rocked the h*ck out of last month and thought I’d give you an April studio recap. Here’s what I did in and out of the studio.

In the Studio

sewing table with supply caddy and ironing board making a sewing nook

I had to move some things around in the studio to make room for a new work desk, and my ironing board and supply caddy ended up creating a cozy little sewing nook. I love that a quick turn left gets me my most-used tools and a quick turn right has me pressing my blocks.

stack of blocks for cream and sugar quilt

I’ve been working on the Cream & Sugar quilt from It’s Sew Emma off and on for a while, but now I’m in overdrive. This is for Sir’s parents, and they’re coming at the beginning of June for his graduation. Luckily I have the top put together, and I’m a pretty fast baster and quilter.

an example of really bad crochet

Because I don’t have enough going on, I took a crochet class this month. I’m categorically not good at it!! I have to keep remembering my first quilt from over two decades ago as I struggle and drop stitches. I’ll finish this project, but I don’t know that crochet is for me.

Hearth & Home

orange and white cat helping a man plant herbs

William continues to delight us. We got all our vegetable and herb planing done at the end of the month, and he was very helpful to make sure Sir did everything right.

orange and white cat sitting in a chair with a multicolored quilt draped over the back

Not to be left out, William also helps me from time to time. When he gets it in his head that this is his chair, it’s a battle of wills every time I get up for something. I’ve tried getting a second chair, but that just doesn’t work for him.

Fun & Games

12 Nintendo amiibo cards

The Little Llama got me into Animal Crossing: New Horizons around Thanksgiving, and I’m totally addicted. If you have these amiibo cards, you can invite villagers and NPCs to your island for camping and coffee. They had been sold out everywhere for the longest time, but Target finally got them in stock at the beginning of the month. If anyone out there has Shari or Puddles and wants to trade, let me know!!!

Joni & Sir posing with a George Washington mascot at a Washington Nationals baseball game

Baseball is the best ball, and Sir got me tickets to the Nationals game for my birthday. Our racing event is presidents, and they are never out and about when I go. Finally George and Abe were in the concourse for pictures. Any day at the ball park is a great day!

orange and white cat watching a baseball game on tv

And on my actual birthday, William watched a game with me. He’s still looking for that pop-up sacrifice fly!

I feel really good about April, and I’m excited for May. Let’s get after it!