Hello, and welcome to November. Isn’t this a great month for cuddling under a quilt with a good book and a cup of coffee?! I’m excited to share the Capitol Piñata quilt with you today.

Full image of Capitol Piñata quilt

Many years ago in the Before Times, I made the short drive west to visit the Jinny Beyer studio in Great Falls, Virginia. I swear I wasn’t planning to buy anything! But I did come home with her Piñata quilt pattern and some great Washington, DC-themed fabric.

up close image of Washington DC fabric

There are outlines of the Capitol building, the Washington monument, and other notable places in DC. She also incorporated cherry blossoms, which are kind of a big deal here. Japan gifted America with cherry blossom trees, and they’re planted around the tidal basin near the National Mall. They are beautiful every season of the year. Since Sir loves this city so much, this quilt is specifically for his lap.

Little secret? I put off putting this quilt together for forever because it looked really complicated. When I was on my finishing spree last year, I dove in and was a little embarrassed at how easy it was going to be. Doesn’t that always happen?!

And because I like pictures to be the star of these posts…

close up of quilting on capitol piñata quilt

I was really in a groove with this wavy line quilting motif last year, and I like how the curves break up the geometry of the pattern.

capitol piñata quilt folded on a brick pillar

And my standard folded glamour shot! I can’t help it. There’s just something about this shot I really love.

I’m also going to ask you to forgive me on my completely original name. Capitol Piñata Quilt got stuck in my head early on, and I couldn’t think of anything better by the time this was finished. I hoped you enjoyed its story.