It’s time to update you on my progress for the Conversation Sampler Row 4! The rows are starting to get wider, and I’m so excited to see how the colors are all starting to work together.

Row 4: Dash Block

Row 4 of the Conversation Sampler quilt

As the rows get wider, the colors get more… colorful?

These blocks were super simple to put together, but I wish I had measured a little bit differently on my half blocks at the ends. My dashes line up, but the blocks are off by a bit. I’m going to have to fudge piecing the rows together around this little maths error!

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I’ve really enjoyed putting these blocks together, and I can’t wait until we have a full top. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with it when it’s done. My quilt baskets in the living room and studio are getting too full! If you missed my previous posts about this awesome quilt along, you can see how I chose my fabrics and the first three rows here on the blog.