I finished the Crystalline quilt from my Modern Makes subscription, and I’m proud of it for a couple reasons!

crystalline quilt from modern makes

An Unfamiliar Technique

The Crystalline quilt is the third project from my subscription, and the first reason I’m proud of it is that I didn’t let half-rectangle triangles intimidate me! I really struggle with making that first cut when squaring them up because I don’t usually have enough fabric or patience to redo anything. I will check my ruler placement 17 times before I even feel ready to cut.

While it’s nearly two years old, Katie Blakesley from Swim Bike Quilt has a really good tutorial that I’ve bookmarked and use every time this block comes up in my projects. It’s the clearest of all I’ve seen and explains the trimming in a way I can wrap my brain around. If I can’t do that before I get to work, there’s no keeping me from making silly mistakes!

New Free Motion Quilting

The second reason I’m so proud is because it’s the first quilt I used some of my Rockstar skills on.

close up of crystalline quilt showing continuous curves flowers and paisley quilting motifs

I quilted paisleys on the white background and continuous curve flowers on the dark green parts of the points. I had just learned these motifs in the academy and was really anxious to use them “in the wild.”

close up of crystalline quilt showing switch back quilting motif on center square

And I put switchbacks in the center square. One of the things I liked about the academy was the built-in practice weeks. That time allowed me to keep up with my sampler quilt and apply what I was learning to actual quilts.

Boxes four and five are sitting on a shelf in my studio, so I guess it’s time to get to work on those.