II’m so excited to share my finished Dimensions quilt now that I’m settled in the new house. This was the first quilt I finished after graduating from the Free Motion Quilting Academy. FMQA is hosted by HollyAnne Knight at String & Story, and I can’t recommend the course enough. So good. The quilt finishes at 80 X 80, so nothing too big to put under the needle! I’ll address the oops in a minute.

full size picture of Dimensions quilt

The Dimensions Quilt is an Old WIP

Dimensions is a quilt kit from Stephanie at Quilt Addicts Anonymous, and I bought it several years ago when I was going through a major ombre phase. The ombre fabrics and their placement make it look like I worked really hard to master this color way. Nope! It’s all the magic of Stephanie’s pattern. This was one of the projects I was working to finish up at the end of 2020 so I could clear the decks for a better 2021. I was so proud of myself after doing all the quilting. The Free Motion Quilting Academy really did give me the confidence to get this quilted during the course of one weekend.

Dimensions quilt folded on a table with the binding attached.

My Quilting Choices

I quilted the background using loopy meander. If you think the regular meander is fun, I dare you to add loops to it! It looks so whimsical and difficult, but it was pretty simple to do. (Not gonna lie, Brittney Spears on the Alexa also really helped!)

Close up of loopy meander quilting on background

I did embellished continuous curves for the yellow and green squares around the center medallion.

close up of continuous curves quilting

And I’m absolutely in love with these bump-back feathers in the negative space between the yellow and green border and the corners.

close up of bump-back feathers quilted into dimensions quilt

I mean, look at how floppy and wonderful they are!

close up of all three quilting motifs on dimensions quilt

I also love how the loopy meander looks on the back:

back of dimensions quilt showing loopy meander quilting motif

There’s Always an Oops!

I realized this quilt had a major oops after I basted it. At that point, I was not going to unbaste, unstitch, and fix it. No way, Jose. In the end, it’s what makes my quilt “special” from all the others!!

close up of dimensions center medallion

Even with the oops, I’m so proud that I was able to take what I learned from HollyAnne and make quilting this a reality.

PS – If you want to know where I’ve been, check out this Instagram post. Life threw me a lot this summer!