I’m super excited to share my Ellen the Unicorn quilt! A while ago, I had a graphic designer leave my team at work. I was really bummed to see Ellen leave. She was so creative and had such a great personality within our team. She really was a unicorn! So when I saw the unicorn pattern from Elizabeth Hartman, I knew I needed to make an Ellen the Unicorn quilt.

unicorn quilt

close up of unicorn mane

I used a glitter thread from Superior Threads when I quilted the mane, and it has just a bit of bling in it.

One thing Elizabeth Hartman is known for is her pattern with many, many pieces! I learned this the hard way when I made Lloyd & Lola for Little Llama and Dogs in Sweaters for my parents. For those two quilts, I cut all the pieces at once, and it was a bit of a hot mess! I had little piles of fabric with post-it notes on them labeled from A through ZZ! And I mixed them up all the time. For this mini, I cut the pieces as I needed them, and that seemed to really help me keep everything straight. I’ll have to make another full-size quilt to see if that system holds.

This quilt now decorates Ellen’s new office. Hopefully it reminds her of how special she is every time she looks at it!