I’m a sucker for a good quilt along, so when Alison Glass offered the Feathers quilt as a QAL I was all in.

Full image of feathers quilt hanging in a green yard

I was committed to using only fabrics from my stash. Thanks to another project that totally fizzled out, I was able to pull the background from the stash too!

I wouldn’t say I’m “bad” at paper piecing, but it’s definitely one of my weaker spots. Add in the fact that I was using prints instead of solids, and this ended up being pretty challenging. I feel a lot more confident in my skills after a quilt this size and am using some in the Mini Series quilt along right now. It really can be addictive.

The Quilting

close up of feathers blocks with feather quilting in them

I was itching to try something different for the free-motion quilting on this one. Sir and I printed extra copies of the blocks and started doodling designs on them until he came up with this. I swear, get you a doodling partner like Sir. It’s really the best!

My first couple rows were a little wobbly and too curved, but I was really hitting my stride by the time I had moved to the third row. I’m really happy with how this came out.

This Quilt is for Who?!

close up of green, teal, and blue feathers blocks

Maybe you noticed the tiger fabric in the picture above? Or maybe you’re seeing the yarn fabric above? That’s right. My grumpy studio supervisor, William, is getting this quilt. He has his favorite places to lay around the house, so I’ll put this down somewhere he likes. I can’t get the cat to use an actual cat bed to save his life, but he loves a good blanket. So now the cat has his own quilt. *face palm emoji*

feathers quilt folded and laying in the grass

It was a great day when we did Feathers’ photo shoot, and I’d love to just throw this out on the grass and lay down. Though William might have something to say about that!

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