The theme for the February color challenge is love, with a twist. Take something you love and put a new or different spin on it. I’m a huge fan of rainbow and color order quilts, so I had a blast putting this one together.

I’ve moved away from rainbow quilts lately because I just felt that the way I was putting them together looked a little juvenile. I’ve yet to do a rainbow quilt that looks like it’s for a grown up! When doing this challenge, I was hoping to come up with a sophisticated palette, and I really think I nailed it.

rail fence quilt block of my February color challenge palette

I know quilters are known for having fabric stashes, but I’m really grateful that I can just reach into a cabinet and pull the colors I need! Since all our fabric is different sizes – both from quilter to quilter and within our own stash – I’m working on a scrap workshop that can help you use your stash but still have a quilt with a more planned look to it. So stay tuned for that! I just need to make a few more test blocks to make sure my method is actually going to work.

If you’re new to our color challenges, be sure to check out January’s post so you can catch up. Each month, you create a color palette and then make a 12-inch quilt block using those colors. Near the end of the year, I’ll share a few setting options so you can put all these blocks into one quilt. Make sure you use #loveofthreadcolorchallenge so we can see what you’re working on!