Another week, another quilt from last year’s big finish to share. This is the Formation Quilt.

full size picture of formation quilt

This was from V and Co’s Lovely Ombre Cabins pattern, and Sir picked the name. He said the blocks look like fighter jets all flying in formation. I had nothing better to offer, so here we are. As I was digging through my photos for this post, I only found the one above and the one below. And they’re not great at all!

So rather than showing you more quilt pics, I’ll tell you the story of where this went. Sir won’t say it out loud, but we definitely have too many quilts in the house. So as I was finishing these quilts, I made sure they found homes with people I love. This went to Lou and Sandy.

Formation Quilt Finds a New Home

Sir and I moved in together just about three years ago. At the same time, the next door neighbor’s girlfriend was moving into his place. We got to know Lou and Sandy well over the nearly three years we lived next to each other. We shared tomatoes and butter and hosted each other for dinner. During the beginning of COVID, we each dropped off a dish at each other’s front door and then had dinner “together” while we sat at our deck dining tables. They were the best neighbors I’ve ever had, and we really enjoy their company.

A week before we moved, Sandy said to let her know if we needed any help. I’m sure to my mother’s embarrassment, we invited ourselves over to dinner at their place the night before the moving truck came! They are such good sports! They’ve always admired my quilts when I was out doing photo shoots in the driveway, so I decided to have Sandy go through the quilt pile and pick something she liked for her and Lou. She picked the formation quilt. It’s big enough for both of them to cuddle under while watching a movie.

Lou and Sandy were the first people we had over for dinner once we were settled in our new place, and I enjoy catching up with them. It seems some people are friends – or friendly – when you’re in close proximity, but I’m so glad our friendship with them will keep going. They really are the best.

formation quilt folded up

And of course my folded up quilt pic. I’m a sucker.

So that’s this week’s share. See you next week.