My very first post on this blog was a list of things I wish I had learned earlier in my quilting journey. One of those was following trends just to be a part of something. The Hexy MF quilt along was that project for me. I was excited about learning English paper piecing, and I’ve had a long love of hexagons that predates all those shows on HGTV using hexy tiles on floors and in back splashes.

But the more I got into this project, the more I knew I absolutely hated what the quilt was supposed to look like when it was done. So I put my flowers away for a really long time. I didn’t want to quit, but I knew I couldn’t keep going without another plan. I let the project simmer in my brain until I came up with the idea for the finished quilt.

full size Hexy MF Redo quilt

My final quilt, titled Hexy MF Redo.

The Process

Instead of continuing to piece the flowers together, I appliquéd each one onto its own square. I like the brightness of the flowers against the black and white text fabric. And offsetting the columns of flowers still gives it an organic look.

When I pulled my original flowers out, I was only seven away from having all I would need. A couple flowers just didn’t match my taste anymore, so I really ended up needing to piece 10 flowers. Appliquéing them to the text fabric was great work for Netflix nights!

Then it was just a matter of trimming the blocks and getting them all pieced together.

The Quilting

close up of quilting on the Hexy MF Redo quilt

Close up of quilting on the Hexy MF Redo quilt.

The stipple/meander is where I live when it comes to most of my free motion quilting. This is especially true when I’m ready to finish a quilt in a hurry. This quilt was becoming an emotional burden, and I needed it off the WIP list. I quilted it with yellow thread in an allover meander.

Hexy MF Redo quilt

Hexy MF Redo quilt done and ready to be used!

It makes me really happy to see this quilt rolled up on the couch and ready to be loved on!

The Label

Hexy MF Redo quilt label

My personalized labels from Spoonflower.

As always, I piece my labels into the back of my quilt before I quilt them. By the time I’m done with the binding, I really don’t bother to take the time to put on a label. That’s just not fair to anyone who may find the quilt in the future wanting to know more about it. Also, someone will truly have to destroy this quilt to remove the label if it is ever lost or stolen.