I first found the Kinship quilt along from Angie at Gnome Angel in 2020. I think we all know what we were doing then! Stashed away in our homes learning new hobbies and perfecting old ones! At least, that’s how I try to frame it in my mind. This 100-block quilt along was perfect for having something to do every day and building community online with other quilters. Of course I found the boldest color palette I could, and Through the Looking Glass was the result.

I pieced all 100 blocks into the “kitchen sink” layout, and it made a nice little lap quilt. But it was very bold. This was in a stack of quilts I was willing to part with that friends could choose their favorites, and Sir’s bestie took it. Since it’s so loud, I made sure to remedy any takers’ remorse he might have had, but he and his wife love it. Whew!

At the beginning of 2021, Angie was looking for testers for different layouts for the Kinship quilt along. Using anywhere from 10 to 100 blocks, you could have a Kinship quilt unique to your skill level and design needs. I was lucky enough to test the 80-block version, and it couldn’t have resulted in a different quilt than the original!

How are these even the same pattern?! Aside from the different colors, I really think the sashing gives each block some breathing room and brings some order to the chaos that was my original version. And I just realized that I quilted them both the same way! I guess they really are soul mates. The 80-block version lives on our couch and is the best for cuddling.

Through the Looking Glass

Here are a couple different angles of Looking Glass, my first Kinship quilt along attempt:

I love how this quilt lights up and room, and I think that’s exactly what I needed when I started this in 2020.

And in true “me” fashion, I blogged exactly the first seven blocks thinking I would document the whole process!

Kinship 80

And a few of my favorite from the second attempt:

I didn’t know it at the time, but the colors I used in this quilt would become my new branding colors when I updated my logo last year!

Who’s ready for a picnic?

This heart block is #100, so it was such an accomplishment to get it done. Even though the second version only used 80 blocks, I still wanted this heart as my last block. The good thing about using less than 100 blocks is that you can weed out some that you wouldn’t like to do as much.

Have you ever done a quilt pattern more than once that resulted in two completely different quilts? I’d love to see them. Make sure to tag me on Instagram if you share them.