In between my 100 blocks project, I’ve been chugging along on my Miss Lizzy quilt blocks. Y’all! I’m just loving how these are turning out.Without further delay, take a look at the last of the blocks in this project.

Block 9: Morning Glory

morning glory quilt block

Miss Lizzy had me spinning at the beginning of this project. Or maybe it was the fabric. At any rate, I switched to making sure in my paired blocks that one was a warm color and one was cool. That made it much easier to not mix up the fabrics.

Block 10: Peony

peony miss Lizzy quilt block

Let me tell you if this were a real garden, I would just stare at it all day!

Block 11: Chrysanthemum

chrysanthemum miss Lizzy quilt block

I was running out of fabrics I wanted to use for this project and stupidly picked two greens! It was very, very hard to keep them straight. I might have used the seam ripper a few times on these.

Block 12: Narcissus

narcissus miss Lizzy quilt block

One of the things I love about BOM projects is the ability to just concentrate on one block at a time. That means I get to really focus on technique more than I would when I’m mass producing blocks. This one was great for matching seams and trimming half-square triangles.

Block 13: Rose

rose miss Lizzy quilt block

Talk about saving the best for last! Rose is Little Llama’s middle name, and this was my favorite fabric in the whole bundle. I don’t make quarter-square triangles very often, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Up Next

You can see the first four blocks of this project in this post, and blocks 5-8 in this post. Now that I have all the blocks done, I’m going to spend some time this weekend putting the top together. I’m also going to start putting together rows for 100 blocks since we’re getting close to the end. I hope your weekend is just as quilty as mine!