My Miss Lizzy quilt is done and off to her forever home.full view of miss Lizzy quilt

The Quilting

This pattern is from Gnome Angel, and I had a lot of fun putting it together. I reversed the color and background pieces for a different look. Block by block, it was pretty obvious that’s what I was doing, but the final project doesn’t really convey that look. Oh well, I tried something new.

close up of blue star block from miss Lizzy quilt

The Miss Lizzy quilt was in a huge pile of quilts that all needed quilting, so I used my walking foot to do some gentle curves in rows. It’s a really fast way to quilt a quilt when you’re in a hurry.

close up of red and yellow star block in miss Lizzy quilt

I think this block does a really good job showing how different it can look with you switch the color and background. It’s almost like the star is trying to twinkle in a multi-colored sky.

The Details

miss Lizzy quilt folded to show the back

I wanted a backing fabric that had just as much personality as the front, and I’m really happy with this one. It looks like a field of flowers in a green meadow.

miss Lizzy quilt folded on top of a brick column

As always, I just love taking this picture, using an earthy background to show off my quilt.

The Elements

miss Lizzy quilt blowing in the wind

And it wouldn’t be a photo shoot if I wasn’t battling the elements in some way. Within a millisecond of snapping this pic, my whole frame just blew over into the neighbor’s yard. Luckily it wasn’t their first photoshoot experience, and they gave me a lot of grace!

If you want to see the blocks in more detail:

Miss Lizzy has a new home with one of my friends who is in love with Hawaii and the entire island aesthetic. I felt the fabrics were close enough to tropical to fit into her Hawaii She Shed. I love seeing pics of her chilling in there only to see the quilt draped over her lap or tucked into her favorite chair. Giving love via fabric is my love language!!