Two months ago, the Fat Quarter Shop posted a tutorial for the Santa Fe pillow. As someone who is completely changing up the design of my living room, this was a very timely tutorial!

Santa Fe pillow on a gray couch

My finished Santa Fe pillow.

Why I Love Mini Quilt Projects

One of the things I really like about creating mini quilts or pillows is that they can be done pretty quickly. All together, I was able to get this cut, pieced, basted, and quilted in less than a day.

I also really like how the smaller scale of a mini project slows you down. Well that’s weird to say right after I bragged about how fast I got it done, right?! Let me explain…

When you work on a mini, there’s only a little bit to worry about. Cutting and piecing for one block isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it is for a whole quilt top. Because of its size, I was able to take my time on the details – like trimming all my half-square triangles to size.

Just look at all the pretty points in this! I finished the day pretty impressed with myself.

basted Santa Fe pillow quilt top

Basted and ready for some quilting!

And of course I just love taking pictures of my fabric pulls when I start a new project.

gray, black, white, and red fabrics

I used Kona solids for my version of the Santa Fe pillow.

Are you making a Santa Fe pillow? Use hashtag #FQSSantaFePillow and tag me so I’m sure to see it. I’m @loveofthread on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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