My second pattern is now ready for amazing pattern testers to put it through the paces. Is that amazing person you? It is, if:

  • You have a public Instagram profile and are willing to post about your testing journey
  • You can complete a quilt top and send me feedback and pictures by Wednesday, Jan. 18
  • You’re willing to accept $25 in compensation for your work

Public Instagram Profile

Please do not change your privacy settings to a level that makes you uncomfortable to test my pattern. Your comfort and privacy are my top concerns. If you do have a public Instagram account, I would ask you to post pictures as you go as a way of generating excitement about the pattern before and around its release.

Complete Quilt Top

I am only looking for a completed quilt top by Jan. 18. You do not need to overachieve and try to get it quilted and basted before the deadline. I’ve already tested the backing and binding instructions.


There’s some debate out there about whether pattern testers should be compensated for their work. I strongly believe they should. Yes, you’re getting a free pattern. But you’re also spending out of your stash and taking the time to help me. I understand $25 is not a lot. I’m still new at this, and that’s the budget. No worries if this is a deal breaker for you.

How it Works

Click the button below to send me an email about your interest in testing this pattern. Please give me your Instagram handle and what size you would like to make. I’m including the fabric requirements chart to help you decide which size to test.

Fabric Requirements

Sawtooth Splendor comes in three sizes: baby, throw, and bed. Here are the fabric requirements to help you decide which size to test.

I look forward to hearing from you!