I’m so happy my new quilting studio is set up, so today I’m going to take you on a quick tour. Full disclosure: I took these pictures as soon as everything was set up before I could make a mess!!

quilting studio

Here’s my setup in the new quilting studio. I share the space with Sir, who is also an artist.


Quilters are notorious fabric stashers. I’m definitely no exception. This cabinet was an armoire I used to keep suits in for work when I didn’t have a lot of closet space in my bedroom.

clothing armoire

I repurposed an old armoire to hold my fabric stash.

And now it holds my beautiful stash! I drilled holes in the sides to be able to put in shelves I got from the Home Depot, and I love how it keeps me organized and sets a pretty generous limit on how much I’m allowed to collect!

armoire full of quilting fabric

Drill some holes, put in some shelves, and I had instant fabric storage!


Every great quilter needs a ton of thread to do what they do. Right? That’s what I tell Sir anyway. He helped me put my thread up on the wall so I could have easy access to it.

thread racks

I got these at JoAnn’s, and I love that I have plenty of room to grow.

Getting Down to Business

My cutting table and the shelves above my sewing table are probably my favorite – and most useful – parts of the quilting studio. The cutting table is a kitchen island from Ikea and is big enough for my 24 X 36 cutting mat and storage underneath for tools and WIPs! The shelves hold my scraps, WIPs, and the tools I use the most when I’m at the sewing machine.

Ikea kitchen island as a cutting table

I love that this is big enough for my large cutting mat and holds all the tools I use when I’m cutting!

shelves with quilting supplies

Everything I need when I’m at the sewing machine is just a short reach up. I also store my most active WIPs up here.

Everything Else

Some things I just don’t use all the time. This little shelving unit was perfect for specialty rulers, patterns, and layer cakes. I really tried to organize everything by where it gets used and how often. I think this little “everything else” stand is perfect.

shelves with quilting supplies and fabric

Specialty rulers, patterns, and layer cakes found a home on these shelves next to my sewing table.

All the Pretty Things

There’s not a lot of wall space in our new studio, so I had to get creative for hanging my mini quilts. In previous quilting studios, they were spread around the room. I really like having them all concentrated in one spot and have plenty of room to add more! I can look up from my machine while I’m sewing and see them. It makes me so happy.

wall with several mini quilts hanging

Mini quilts, some of my favorite fabric, and even some art from my daughter make for a happy way to walk into and out of the quilting studio.

Studio Assistant

Of course my studio assistant, Mitchell, was all up in my business when I was taking pictures. From sitting on my lap at the machine to trying to jump up on the cutting table when I’m lining up fabric, Mitchell “helps” at every stage of the quilting process. (In fact, he’s sitting on my lap while I type this!!)

Mitchell the cat

Studio Assistant Mitchell, though he would argue he’s actually a supervisor!

Sir Makes Too

Sir is an artist too, so we knew we needed a house with a studio big enough for the both of us. I think this is the first time in a long time that he’s had a dedicated space for his art, and he’s so worth it.

art studio

The other half of the studio is where Sir makes magic.

He doesn’t keep much of his art, but we do have two pieces hanging in the new house. I absolutely love seeing his art mixed with my quilts in our new home together.

Istanbul, by Sir

DC Row Homes, by Sir

So there’s the new quilting studio. I’ve been spending a lot of time in here to make up for the time separated from my stuff while everything was packed for the move. I love how functional it is, and I can’t wait to keep sharing the work Sir and I do in here.