Whew! It’s been a busy couple months here in the studio, and I’m blown away by how much I have to share with you. Since I didn’t have time to break the months up, you’re getting a spring studio recap. Buckle up, friends.

In the Studio

For covering two months, this section isn’t going to be that long. Family, learning, and my idiot cat have kept me very busy.

Welcome Home Quilt

full size Welcome Home quilt

First up is the Welcome Home quilt. Sir’s parents are building their retirement home right now. And when I say “building,” I mean they bought a floor plan and are using their own hands and backs to build their retirement home. Of course they have help from time, but I’m so impressed with what they are doing. I used the Cream and Sugar quilt pattern from It’s Sew Emma to make this for their housewarming present. It was done just in time to give it to them when they came to visit at the beginning of June. I have a ton of great pictures that I’ll share once I can catch my breath.

The Kindness of Strangers

a tote bag filled with fabric

There was an Afghan Air Force pilot in Sir’s class last year, and he lost pretty much everything when the Taliban took control just after the school year started. The class rallied around his family to take care of them as best as we could. When I found out that his wife used to do sewing in their village, Sir’s family and I went overboard finding her a sewing machine and all the tools and supplies she would need to get set up here. When I told the Little Llama about this, she went through her own fabric stash and pulled out about 20 pounds of juvenile fabrics to donate.

That ended up making my suitcase about 15 pounds too heavy. I’m in the airport alone and contemplating throwing the fabric away because I have no other options. Then the woman at the counter next to me pulls out a tote bag and saves my day. We both had to dash away, so I never got to explain to her what she just did, but I know I’ll think about her for a very long time.

Sew Sampler Box Projects

pieces for a sawtooth star quilt block

I’ve subscribed to the Sew Sampler box from the Fat Quarter Shop for nearly two years. Each box comes with a fabric bundle and a pattern for making a quilt with it. I’ve been chucking these in project boxes the entire time and finally started going through them to see which projects I could complete. I’m now working through the ones that interest me with the goal of donating them to the halfway house for teens a few blocks from my house. Trimming HSTs seems unavoidable for the foreseeable future!


a red hoodie with white thread bits all over it

You can always tell when I’m sewing because these little thread bits end up all over me!

Family Brag Time!

May and June each brought my family graduation celebrations! The Little Llama graduated from college in May, and Sir graduated from NDU in June.

Little Llama and her moms after graduation

The Little Llama got her degree in Theater Technology & Design from California State University East Bay in May. I’m so proud how she took her passion, perfected her craft, and can now use it to make people happy through theater and arts. And since this is the brag section, she started a costuming job for the summer season seven days after graduation. AND she has a job lined up for the fall/winter season.

Something really cool about graduation were the gratitude stoles. Graduates wear them under their gown during the ceremony to honor the people who helped them on their journey. Once we got home, she held a ceremony of her own in the backyard and gave stoles to both of the moms. There were tears. Llama’s huge heart is a big reason why I love my co-parent in crime and consider J to be one of my best friends. The day she joined our family was a blessing.

Sir getting his diploma

I only had a few days between getting home from Llama’s celebration before getting ready for Sir’s celebration. He started a master’s program at the National Defense University last August and graduated in June. This was 10 months of intense studying, missing family events, and locking himself away in his office to power through cramming a lot of stuff in his head. All the subjects seemed horribly boring to me, but he thoroughly enjoyed it and his office will be better for his education.

Now we’re looking forward to a more normal schedule that allows him to get some well-deserved relaxation.

Hearth & Home

vintage pyrex mixing bowl on a butcher block counter

While I was in California, I happened across a thrift shop with a huge selection of Pyrex. I found an in tact set of mixing bowls that I couldn’t live without. They are so stinking cute, and I know they’re going to last me forever.

a small bunny in a yard garden

It’s bunny season in our neighborhood. I saw this little friend while I was on a walk the last week of June. Maybe if I didn’t get so excited to see them, they wouldn’t run off so quickly!

cat toys strewn all over the floor

There were a couple times the past two months that Sir and I had to be gone at the same time. We found a great cat sitter in Ms. Diane, and William is absolutely in love with her. He kept bringing her his toys to play with during her visits in June, and it looked like a cat rave went down in my living room while I was gone! A good pet sitter is worth their weight in gold, and Ms. Diane is now on speed dial!

For the Love of Thread

This is the section that I’m most excited for. For the past several years, I’ve used this space as a kind of quilting journal to share my love of the craft with you and keep myself accountable to my goals. I’ve also been thinking about how I want to spend my time and whether a full-time job is for me and have been investing quite a bit in my quilting and business education. So I’m excited to share two major updates with you.

Quilt Pattern Designs

cover for the holland quilt pattern

First up is that I just finished a pattern writing academy and have learned what I need to start making quilt patterns! The Holland quilt pattern releases on September 7, and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it. I put out a call for pattern testers last week, and the response has been overwhelming. Quilters are the best people in the world! I’m rolling around some ideas in my head about possible quilt alongs and fabric kits. If you’re a subscriber to my email newsletter, you’ll be the first to get the details and get a special discount on Holland that I’ll only offer there.


color chips on a sheet of paper

I’m currently taking PatchWork through Shannon Brinkley because I think it’s time to start thinking about For the Love of Thread as a possible business. With that in mind, I’m working with a great brand stylist to update how this space looks and feels. It’s time for the site to grow up a little bit. My designer has worked with quilters before, and I’m very excited to see what she has in store for us. Here are some color chips I sent her to see if this is a color palette that could work.

So not bad for a couple months’ work, yeah? I hope you enjoyed my spring studio recap. I’m really excited to see what’s next for me, this space, and all of you who take part in my quilty adventures.