I’m so excited to share my first quilt from my Modern Makes subscription! This is the Streamline quilt.

streamline quilt

Modern Quilting Aspiration

One of my 2021 aspirations was to learn more about modern quilting. It seems there are so many definitions of what makes a quilt modern that I really didn’t know where to start. Then I saw a post from Alderwood Studios about their Modern Makes box. Each month I get a box of fabric, batting, backing, and a pattern. Streamline quilt is from the January box, and I had a blast making it.

If I had to say what makes this pattern modern it would be

  • the use of solids (I think)
  • larger pieces that create more negative space.

One of the things I really love about these projects is that I can have them done quickly. From the time I start cutting to the time I’m ready to sit down to stitch the binding by hand was about three hours.

The Streamline Details

close up of quilting on Streamline quilt

Since there’s a lot of geometry in this pattern, I knew I wanted something a little more whimsical for the quilting. So I drew a random wavy line on it with my marking pen. Then I just echo quilted until I filled it up.

close up quilting of Streamline quilt

I love the sense of movement this gives to the quilt. And because I love close-up quilting pics, here’s one more:

close up quilting of Streamline quilt

I’m excited to get moving on my February and March boxes. I’ve been pretty busy for someone who never goes anywhere. I’m planning on using the next several weekends to “catch up” so I don’t have an overwhelming pile of projects build up on me. I worked way too hard to clear out my UFO pile!!