When I got the message from Lee at Freshly Pieced yesterday announcing the 2018 Summer Sampler, I have to admit I thought it was a mistake. Maybe one of those things where your email service gets a glitch and sends out a message from last year. I personally just finished last year’s sampler and haven’t had time to take any proper pictures of it. Here it is before I quilted it:

summer sampler quilt top

Fire & Water: My 2017 Summer Sampler

I mean, how is it even possible that it’s time for another round? Of course, as I was going to bed last night it hit me that 2018 is indeed a quarter finished. It is most definitely time to start getting ready for the 2018 Summer Sampler. So I have two questions for you all:

  1. Where is the time going this year?!
  2. Who’s joining me on this fabulous ride?!

This year will be my third Summer Sampler, and I’m already pretty excited. I really like that you get to see concepts of all the blocks before you start. Nothing is more disappointing to see a couple blocks and then get “surprised” with duds the rest of the project. It’s like a movie trailer having all the best stuff in that two-minute commercial! This is definitely not the case with the Summer Sampler. Even though it’s called a sampler, it really is modern and designed in a way to suit the tastes of any quilter.

What is the Summer Sampler?

The Summer Sampler is designed and hosted by Lee of Freshly Pieced, Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts, and Katie of SwimBikeQuilt. If you’re a fan of their work, then you know you’re going to love this quilt along. Each week, you’ll receive the pattern for a block. At the end of the summer, you’ll get instructions for putting it all together. Lee, Faith, and Katie blog each week about their blocks and give you helpful hints for putting it together easier, faster, and better. They also host a private Facebook group where we can show off our progress, ask questions, and support each other. I really hope you’ll join me!

The Best Part

The best part is that if you sign up before April 6 is you get a discount! The regular price is $29.99, but you’ll pay $21.99 using Lee’s discount code. So hurry on over and sign up! I can’t wait to see the blocks and what you’ll do with them.

My First Summer Sampler

2016 was the first year I joined in. This quilt ended up being called Using All the Colors, for obvious reasons I think! I gave it to my grandpa last year for his birthday. He turned 90 last week and still talked about how much he loves it when I called to wish him a happy birthday. I think it’s just the right amount of fun to bring to a rainy Seattle day.

summer sampler 2016 quilt top

Summer Sampler 2016: Using All the Colors

And I used the leftover fabric to make an equally colorful back!

summer sampler quilt back

Summer Sampler 2016: Back