My name is Joni, and I’m a sucker for rainbow quilts. In fact, I’m working on so many right now I’m going to need to do something completely different soon to break out of it. That doesn’t mean I resisted joining in on the Sunset Isle quilt along hosted by Alyce of Blossom Hearts Quilts. And so here I find myself giving you a four-block update on my progress so far.

Before I get into the pretty block pictures, I’m proud that every single fabric in this quilt came from my stash! I’ve been working really hard to “shop” from the stash first, and I’m really happy with how this is going to look.

I just love it when I have all the perfect fabrics for a quilt just lying around in my stash!

Row 1: Red

Sunset Isle quilt block 1

This came together quickly, and the red polka dot fabric reminds me of Minnie Mouse!

When I first started pulling fabric for this project, I started in my scrap bin thinking each block in the row would be a different pattern of red. My brain must have taken its Type A vitamins that morning because it just looked too messy when I laid them out. Like, I seriously couldn’t deal with it.

Row 2: Pink

Sunset Isle quilt block 2

Not only is the block pretty in pink, but so is this dress form pin cushion my daughter made me for Christmas last year!

I can’t explain why, but I absolutely love flying geese blocks. I seem to have a really good system for getting perfect points, and I love how they tell your eyes which way to go. My gears are already spinning thinking about a quilt entirely in flying geese as a way to break out of my rainbow rut. Hmmm….

Row 3: Orange

Sunset Isle quilt block 3

The simplicity of log cabin blocks pieced in a row is one of my favorite parts of this quilt.

When I started pulling fabric out of my stash, I panicked a little bit thinking about the number of orange fabrics I’d need for the log cabin blocks. Apparently I made a real effort to build up my orange stash over the years because I was pleasantly surprised to see I could still make it work.

Row 4: Yellow

sunset isle quilt block 4

I couldn’t stop wondering what yellow notions I had while I was making this block… including the several minutes I spent using the ruler drawing my diagonal lines!!

And finally, yellow! When I was pulling my fabric, I was so excited about being able to finally use my bowling pin fabric! It’s so stinking cute, I can’t stand it.

So there you have it. Another project started. And now it’s time to check the inbox for April’s box. In related news, I don’t know that I have any yellow notions or tools to put in the picture! So send ideas over the next week or so. I’m gonna need them!