I have lots of finishes to share after the Operation WIP List from last year. (I just made that name up. I don’t know why. I’m sorry.) Up next is my Sunset Isle quilt from a quilt along with Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts a couple years ago.

full view of sunset isle quilt

Believe it or not, this quilt was my introduction to Grunge fabrics. I used paper – I think – for the background. This fabric can read like a solid but has just enough movement in it to make it a little interesting. Now I’m all in on it for backgrounds and quilt backs!

I like the idea of row quilts, but if you look close enough, you’ll see where they aren’t all the same length. I suppose I could have gone back and added strips to the ends to make up for that, but meh. None of my quilts have ever been perfect. Why start now?!

Glamour Shots

I took these pictures one morning in July along with 15 other quilts. Even though I was out there beating the true heat of the day, I was a sweaty, beet-red mess by noon. So cute! But I think the pictures – AKA glamour shots – made it all worth it.

sunset isle quilt folded and sitting on top of a brick pillar

I don’t know why, but I absolutely love taking pictures of quilts folded or rolled up. I’m especially grateful to my camera for for showing all the detail in the brick while putting a nice blur on the leaves.

close up of quilting on sunset isle quilt

This quilting pattern was where I was living while I was finishing quilts at the end of 2020. I saw a tutorial from Christa Quilts, and I was hooked. You simply reduce the pressure on your walking foot and gently slide the quilt back and forth to get the waves. It’s walking foot quilting, looks a little fancy, and is a super quick way to quilt a quilt when you’re looking for speed over beauty. She has a great YouTube video on how to do it. You’ll love it.

close up of quilting on sunset isle quilt

And because I love close up shots too, here’s the center. I love the symmetry of this pattern. It was fun to put together.

Sunset Isle Goes Hollywood

Ok, so not really Hollywood, but this quilt did make its way to California. The Little Llama remarked that her boyfriend didn’t yet have a quilt from me and noticed my excess of quilts since I finished so many. So this quilt now resides in Sacramento with the boyfriend; I’ll call him Dino Rescue (he loves dinosaurs and LL’s dad called him the rescue boyfriend during COVID lockdowns). True story, Dino Rescue has a book coming out next year about dinosaurs and went on a dig in Montana while LL was visiting me. As far as daughter’s boyfriends go, I could definitely do worse!!

I hope you enjoyed the fun-ness behind this one. See you next week!