Welp, the WIPs are stacking up… again. Near the end of last year as I was making my 2021 quilty goals, I wanted to clear the decks of old projects that I’ve been hanging onto forever. I went through all my projects, let go of the ones that didn’t bring me joy, and spent all of my free time in November and December getting every single project to the point of just needing the binding sewn down.

a stack of finished quilts

And I did it! On January 1, 2021, I had a clean slate. Nothing holding me back from focusing on my goals of color, modern, and the actual quilting of quilts.

Then Rebecca Bryan announced the Wildflower block of the month. Then Lee Heinrich announced Treeline. Then I subscribed to the Modern Makes box, and those started piling up. Then I just had to jump on board with a couple scrap projects. And then. And then. AND THEN!

The WIPs List

list of 14 quilt projects on my to do list

I know 14 projects might not be a lot for some of you, but I’m a little disappointed in myself for being so easily distracted by the shine of new projects. Some of these are helping me with my goals, but I’m so stinking quick to jump on quilting band wagons! And I have two upcoming BOMs I’ve bookmarked. Ugh!

The Storage

11 bins under a desk, each holding an unfinished project

The thing is… I didn’t even realize they were building up until I had to move. Trying to find a place to store projects in a new set up was eye opening. I still don’t really have a permanent home for my project bins. Right now they’re just hanging out under my sewing desk.

open cabinet with several unfinished projects on the shelves

And I can’t even store them in the same place! I don’t have enough bins; I don’t have enough cabinet space. It’s a true first world quilter problem if I ever saw one!

The Decision

The way I see it, I have three options:

  • Turn myself into a machine over winter breaks to clear the decks again,
  • Just keep working through the projects and try to not let the build up bother me, or
  • Jump right into those BOMs I have bookmarked and maybe even find some more!!

I’m quite happy to turn this decision over to you. Please tell me what to do!