Over winter break, Sir and I went through our closet to put together a pile for donation. I grabbed one of his shirts off the pile and got to work making an EPP mini quilt with it. I’ve never up cycled before, and this was really fun. I like that I took a little bit of Sir and put it into a project of mine. This will hang on my office wall and will likely make me smile every time I look at it! So I present to you…

Sir EPP Mini Quilt

EPP mini quilt

My goal is to make five mini quilts this year, and this is the first one that’s completely finished.

The Details

I decided to keep the quilting super simple on this one. In the gray hexagons, I did lines through each to make a triangle. I was able to do all this without having to stop and start the thread more than once. It’s a beautiful thing when that happens!!!

quilt detail in gray hexagons

And for the stars made out of shirt fabric, I went with a single outline quilt on the inside.

quilting detail in blue star

And because the backing fabric was so fun…

back of EPP mini quilt

More EPP Please

EPP is my go-to portable project any more. I can easily put all my pieces, glue, and thread and needles in a tote and go. Or sit on my chair while Sir and I binge on TV. Here’s another project I’m working on. This is the Valentina quilt, and the paper is sold as a kit at Paper Pieces. If I’m working on a bigger project like this, I always buy my pieces. I just don’t have the patience to cut that many on my own!

Valentina EPP quilt project

I hope you enjoyed this quick post! What minis or EPP projects are you working on right now?