My Gravity quilt is finished! Let me tell you, that’s a sentence I never thought I would say.

finished gravity quilt

I was in Flint, Michigan, for the water crisis in March and April 2016 for work. As things were winding down, we got a rare Saturday afternoon off, so I immediately Googled quilt stores in the area and went for a visit. I wish I remembered the name because they were so nice to me. I browsed around and found some fabric I just loved. Then I saw the kit for Gravity. I picked it up thinking it would be fun. I was totally right about that, but life definitely had me in starts and stops on this project.

At the end of 2016, my former partner and I split up. I moved at the beginning of 2017. Then I spent two months on the road at the end of 2017 for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. And then I spent most of 2018 trying to finish up projects that had been in the bins for nearly a decade. It just wasn’t a priority for a while.


I was smart enough to take pictures along the way. I must have known that this quilt was going to be a journey based on this picture.

prepared block 1

A finished first block.

block 1 of gravity quilt

Perfect points!! I love it when this happens.

quilt block with perfect points

My old apartment was not nearly big enough to lay this out. I had to keep pushing furniture out of the way.

gravity quilt laid out on floor


I had it all basted and sat down at my machine to quilt it, and immediately thought, no! I un-basted it and decided to send it off to Missouri Star Quilt Company to be quilted. I’m so glad I did. They did such a beautiful job.

Bonus Pillow Project

Julie has you cut a small triangle with each fabric so you can make a bonus pillow at the end.

gravity pillow directions

I cut two of each fabric, and this is what I have!

gravity pillows

A Perfect Guest Room

So if you’re ever in the DC area, stop by. All our guests get the pleasure of cuddling under this beautiful quilt all night.

gravity quilt on bed2