Y’all, I made a really bad quilt. It was just plain bad design.

Back side of a mini quilt

How It Started

Let me start at the beginning. I have a goal to make five mini quilts this year for my mini wall in the studio. A few weeks ago, Sir had a friend over. So I went down to the studio and grabbed a piece of ombré fabric and a piece of Kona gray fabric. I cut them apart, sewed them together, cut them apart again, and sewed them together again.

It was a really clever idea in theory. By using the ombré fabric, I was able to have pieces from light to dark. It made it look so much more complicated than it actually was, and I was really proud of myself.

After a couple hours, I had the top pieced. I basted. I quilted. Then I sat it down to admire my work and cleverness.

And Then… Bad Design

Oh. My. God.

By alternating the blocks, I created a really unfortunate secondary design. My quick, clever mini quilt ended up with a known hate symbol as the secondary design. I was mortified. How could this have happened? How did I not notice during any of the quilt making process?

When I showed it to Sir and told him how devastated I am that I could possibly create something I could never be proud of, he suggested I own my mistake with you. (Sir’s really smart that way.)

So I won’t be posting any pictures of this quilt here or on my social media channels. I won’t be finishing it. And I definitely won’t be hanging it in my studio. The next time you get really excited about an impromptu project, I would ask that you learn from me and see what the quilt’s message might be.