Quilt making can be a true labor of love, and the Welcome Home quilt is no exception.

welcome home quilt draped over the front porch

I made this quilt for Sir’s parents as a housewarming gift. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but they are building their retirement house. Like, on their own. Of course they’ve hired professionals from time to time when they needed to, but they literally went to the store, bought a floor plan and some wood, and got to work. I am constantly in awe of their ability to do this and love seeing the updates to their progress in our family Zoom chats.

welcome home quilt folded and laying in the grass

The pattern is the Cream & Sugar quilt along pattern from It’s Sew Emma. I got it when I was going through a low volume phase, but I really like how it turned out with a more traditional fabric pull. And doesn’t it look just perfect for a picnic sitting in the grass?!

stack of fabric folded on a table

Mom’s favorite home dec color palette is khakis and maroons, so those feature pretty heavily in the quilt. I ended up adding just a touch of purple at the last minute. Good thing because that turns out to be dad’s favorite color.

close up quilting of welcome home quilt

I really wanted to give this to them in person, and I was running out of time before they came for Sir’s graduation. But I think the meander quilting with a variegated khaki thread was the perfect choice.

label and backing fabric

And everything was quilted, bound, and washed with just a couple days to spare.

welcome home quilt hanging from quilt stand in the middle of the road

I wanted a great forest background for this photoshoot, so I literally blocked off the road to do it! My. neighbor came out as I was setting up, and I offered to move if she needed to get out. Nope. She was just curious about what I was up to. So if you ever want to get to know your neighbors better, just roll around in the street with a quilt and a camera!

close up of me in front of the quilt

And even though I was out shooting before 8 a.m., it was really hot already. Sometimes when you’re a hot mess, you just gotta stop to be proud of what you made.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the Welcome Home quilt. I know mom and dad love having it to snuggle under in their half-finished living room.