Yes, quilters are known for having many projects going at the same time. Whether you call them WIP (works in progress), UFO (unfinished objects), or PhD (projects half done), we’re practically famous for the number of projects we juggle at once.

I hadn’t kept a serious WIP list for quite a while, so I decided to turn to the Projects tab of my Quilter’s Planner and make a decent list. Wowza!! I’m at 30 right now.

So now that I have a list, I want to share it with you to help keep me accountable to finishing some of these up this year! Here we go…

2020 Goals WIP List

As I start new projects or work on old ones, I’m trying to keep my 2020 goals in mind. These projects all have me on track to meet my goals.

  • Pendant Mini: My first mini masterpiece!
  • Scrap Bins: Four down, an undecided amount to go!
  • Sir Shirt EPP Mini: I pulled one of Sir’s dress shirts off the donation pile (I think!) and am making a mini with it.

English paper piecing blocks for a quilt

  • Enchanted Forest: An idea I have for Kona’s color of the year, Enchanted.
  • Classic Blue Pantone Challenge: I have no idea what I’m going to do for this year’s Pantone challenge!

Oh So Close

These are the projects that are almost done. In fact, blocking off a few solid days of work in the studio would probably wipe this list out.

  • Ombre Mini: 96 inches of binding to sew down!
  • Perfect HSTs Quilt Along: Also down to the binding…

Perfect HST quilt folded on table

  • Ocean Quilt: And also down to the binding. I guess I’m waiting for a good Netflix binge to do all these!
  • Clementine Quilt Along: A St. Jude fundraising quilt for a very special family.
  • Sunset Isle: Yes, my love for Alyce runs deep!
  • Formation: Just needs to be basted, quilted, and bound.
  • Conversation Sampler: Just a couple hours of quilting, and I can send this off to a loving home!

By Hand

I have several hand sewing projects going right now, and I don’t know that I should hope for them to ever be done! Regardless, they’re on the list.

  • New Hexagon EPP: It’s getting bigger and bigger… and more challenging to piece!
  • Valentina EPP: This is definitely going to Florida with me next week.

Valentina EPP Quilt

  • Spring Bouquet: Hand appliqué that’s about six years old!
  • Naturalist’s Notebook: Hand appliqué that’s only five years old!

Current Quilt Alongs

I seem to really be a sucker for a good quilt along right now, so I have several of those going.

  • Summer Moon: Little Llama did the fabric pull and is not-so-secretly hoping to get it when it’s done!

Little Llama is going through all my prints to pick the right ones for the Summer Moon quilt.

  • Dimensions: An ombré quilt along that makes me look like a fabric-picking rock star.
  • Choose Happiness: 2020 quilt along I just started!
  • Miss Lizzy: 2019 quilt along I just found!

Wish List WIP List

I realized that I had a lot of projects where I either just pulled fabrics or bought a kit and never did anything to start them. So I guess completing them is more of a wish than a goal at this point. This part of the list is disturbingly long!

  • Gotham Clamshell
  • Foster Teen Quilts
  • Linus Quilts
  • Capitol Piñata
  • Isa’s Teenage Quilt
  • Emily’s Jelly Roll Rug

Not Quilts

Every now and then, I’ll pick a project that isn’t a quilt just for a little variety in my crafting life.

  • FQS Quilty Love Cross Stitch: Just for something different.
  • DC Confetti Flags: DC flags made from confetti from the Washington Nationals’ championship parade! After making my “snow” angel, I shoved as much confetti as I could into my backpack!!

Joni making a snow angel out of confetti after the Nationals' championship parade

Why Am I Still Hanging On To These?! WIP List

I have two projects that I seriously need to just consider donating so they can finally find a good home.

  • Weekender Tote: I thought it would be neat to go off on romantic weekends with a suitcase I made myself. I don’t have the patience for this!
  • EOD Snippets: EOD = Explosive Ordinance Disposal, or bomb squad. That’s what Little Llama’s dad did in the Air Force, and he’s been retired for five years now. I pulled the fabric while we were still married. Why?!?!?

So there’s my list. It’s a little overwhelming, but I feel really good about every project on it – except for those last two. I’ll sit on them a little while longer before I just decide they’re never going to happen. So let’s compare! How long is your WIP list?